Cell to cell communication: On how to become Governor of Puerto Rico (en Counterpunch)

To become his party’s nominee he beat out the current Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico in Washington DC.
The current Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico happens to be the brother in law of the President of the federally appointed and imposed Fiscal Control Board, created under PROMESA.
At present, the Fiscal Control Board has taken control of all major governmental entities, agencies and public corporations, including the University of Puerto Rico.
He believes in working with the board in order to…
Unfortunately, this is not very clear.
He is a democrat.
Exactly what it means to be a democrat in an unincorporated territory, whose inhabitants cannot vote for candidates of any U.S. political party, is unclear.
He is against LGTTQ* rights and caters, rather enthusiastically, to the Christian right.
Exactly how the Christian right relates to the study of cell to cell communication is unclear.
His father is also a democrat.
Whether or not this was communicated to his son on a cellular level is also unclear.


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