Fire Island, poemario en formato PDF.

Very pleased to release Fire Island by Guillermo Rebollo-Gil, a Puerto-Rican poet who writes in both Spanish and English. These poems are future-queer: full of the putty of 21st century pop culture pounded onto the outlander funny pages of colonialist America, then peeled back to reveal a mirror in which we seldom look:

all them fancy things

the people of Puerto Rico, well, let me not say the people,
Puerto Rican poets, they're not really a class,
a couple of writers, readers of poetry,
friends of mine, in Puerto Rico, like to point out
when discussing THE AMERICAN POETS
that William Carlos Williams' mother
was Puerto Rican, it sounds extravagant,
like I just put down onomatopoeia on the scrabble board
and lost, mostly because Williams was a medical doctor by trade,
and good Puerto Rican families should have doctors in the family,
preferably with AMERICAN SOUNDING names,
anyhow, if I ever get a chicken i'm gonna call it Carlos,
long for “Los,” as an homage to one of the original
MTV Road Rules cast members.


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