contemporary means that (a search term tribute)

i especially like the academy that produced
those guys Ashbery
& co. to design my windows see
also by the same author to financially benefit
from their involvement in sanctuary
i.e. The Open Door
in Chicago
where grammar is the result of teamwork

the first consequence of the creation of the academy
is a marriage of convenience that produced Ash
& them and left them open ended
and coon [sic] faced as
it turns out
grammar is not the future of new
nor are we
to benefit from sanctuary
though I’m always slightly tempted to say “home”
when one single word is able to denote the complexity of the process

the future is an incredible thing and we should be thrilled
that it produced those guys (Ashbery
& co.) like oil and natural gas
coal too is peaking
the issue really is not one of “running out”
so much as it is not having enough
of them to keep

i actually think of the future as a casket of technologies
which grammar produced and left
open among cons [sic] turning
to watch us turn to

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