top ten places to see in Guaynabo City: Ruinas de Caparra. a guided tour.

love is clan membership by ties of family and private
property in gated communities
since 1508. otherwise it’s just sex
and revulsion—a significant presence in this part of the country
(Puerto Rico is not
a country but…
a descendant of music from Spain.

) meaning you can pass
for ruined in an island suburb where an eye for an eye is the love
you dream of
making to girdle mamma mulatto
bitches of the urban soundscape. cosmic
,they call it.

the first time i saw Klan violence
i thought of a little boutique
in Caparra, away from sympathy and beyond ties
of the popular. the poplar. however strange it might seem
to hang with blacks, it was the first time a tooth
for a tooth made me grin
and bear it.

us country club kids running amok
with snot running down our noses.

love we called it, and heard a clanking
sound against our bodies,
possibly tied down by despair,
and a deep bass heavy thud.

folklore is the name proper
but it’s not all ruins and millionaire
homes. some of our finest citizens have lived
and died middle class,
descendants of the rain in Spain,

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