Can't Knock the Hustle

July Hangover

If you dare deprive me
Of your affection
If for one second I am
Absent from your thoughts
Have nothing to do with yourself
Until you come to your senses
And remember how without me
The night does not have a future
You know you cannot sleep
Unless I am there to keep you awake,
Once you get under the blankets
Without me you will be at the mercy
Of dreams that never come true,
I drink enough to make you famous,
You will not be denied
The privilege of becoming great
If you accept the fact
I am the most important person
In your life when you are high
And when you are higher,
To cease admiring me
Is an unwise decision to make,
I demand special treatment
From your special feelings
I insist on being emperor
At the spur of all moments
In our nation of you and I
And nobody else

-Pedro Pietri
de "Traffic Violations" (1983)

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