M.F. Actually, I think I have real difficulty in experiencing pleasure. I think that pleasure is a very difficult behavior. It's not as simple as that to enjoy one's self. [Laughs] And I must say that's my dream. I would like and I hope I'll die of an overdose of pleasure of any kind. [Laughs] Because I think it's really difficult, and I always have the feeling that I do not feel the pleasure, the complete total pleasure, and, for me, it's related to death.

S.R. Why would you say that?

M.F. Because I think that the kind of pleasure I would consider as the real pleasure would be so deep, so intense, so overwhelming that I could't survive it. I would die. I'll give you a clearer and simpler example. Once I was struck by a car in the street. I was walking. And for maybe two seconds I had the impression that I was dying and it was really a very, very intense pleasure. The weather was wonderful. It was seven o'clock during the summer. The sun was descending. The sky was very wonderful and blue and so on. It was, it still is, one of my best memories. [Laughs]

Michel Foucault, de "An Interview with Stephen Riggins" (1982)

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